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Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary Loan (requesting materials from another library) services are provided to SCC faculty, staff, and students, as well as to members of the local business community. If you would like to request materials from another academic library in South Carolina, see the Pascal Delivers Service.
There is no charge for borrowing books, but articles are $1 each. SCC faculty and staff may charge work-related requests to their departments.
Please check our Library Catalog before you submit your request. If an item is unavailable at SCC, we will be happy to place an ILL request. You can submit requests by filling out an ILL form in the library or by completing one of the electronic forms below.
Article Request Form ($1 charge)
Book Request Form
Most ILL requests are filled quickly, but hard-to-find items may take several weeks. Please allow plenty of time. The library staff will notify you when your request is available.
The Spartanburg Community College Library participates in the Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET), sharing the resources of member libraries. To date, there are approximately 22 million items in the database, including serial titles and AV materials, all of which are readily accessible on-line. This information is part of a larger database belonging to the OCLC Online System. Our Library's subscription to this service is primarily for the purposes of interlibrary loan. It allows us to search the location of an item, find out the loan policy of the library that owns it, and generate a request.
If an item belongs to a library outside the Southeastern library group, we can still request the item by mail or by phone, and count on their spirit of cooperation and professional courtesy.
Our interlibrary loan service is extended to all faculty, staff and current students. In order to request an item on interlibrary loan, one should fill out a "Spartanburg Community College Interlibrary Loan Request" form (see Librarian). The more information you can supply, the better chance you have of getting the exact item you need in a speedy manner. It is best to supply all pertinent information. However, certain information must be present in order to generate a request. They are the numbered entries on the form. Numbers 1 through 5 apply to all requests; number 6 and/or number 7 applies to journal or book material.
Even in the age of computers, it still takes time to communicate and activate responses, so always submit your requests as early as possible. However, if a sudden need arises unexpectedly, let the librarian know the urgent nature of your request, and extra efforts will be made, such as: personal phone calls, special delivery, email, etc.
The Library will try its best to provide this service in a timely and accurate manner. Feel free to take full advantage of this extra resource available to us, and ask the librarian for assistance if you have any questions in formulating your request.
For more information, please call Louise Pritcher at (864) 592-4769.