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Research Guide: Psychology 214 - Did Einstein Have a Learning Disability?


Several potential resources are listed below. You should consult other sources as needed. Altogether, a minimum of 10 references are required. You must use your textbook as one of your sources.

You are not required to reference your sources within the content slides of your PowerPoint presentation. However, you may find that your information flows easier if you do. {Example: According to Smith (1998) Einstein was raised...} Finally, you are required to list the references you consulted at the end of your presentation. You may entitle this slide "Works Cited," "Works Consulted," "References," etc.


Your Textbook
You must use this as one of your resources.
Hardman, M.L., Egan, M.W., & Drew, C.J. (2017) Human Exceptionality: School, Community, and Family (12th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Hint: Look at page 7 and pages 148-175 .

Database Articles

Off Campus Access: When you click on the articles below, if you are off-campus, you will be asked to log in. Log in with the same username and password as you use for the Portal. Username is your Web ID (ex: absmith), and the password is your portal password. Help with Off Campus Access.

Baby Einstein: Preschoolers with Learning Disabilities
Taare Zameen Par and Dyslexic Savants
Rodin, Patton, Edison, Wilson, Einstein: Were They Really Learning Disabled?
Click on the "PDF Full Text" link on the left to see the article.
In the Mind's Eye
Albert Einstein and LD: An Evaluation of the Evidence
The Gifted/Learning-Disabled Child: A Guide for Teachers and Parents
Einstein's Brain 'Exceptionally Complicated'

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Last updated: 01/03/17