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Research Guide: Management 101 - Fortune 500 Project

Research Hints

Where to Find Company Information:

Company History and CEO Profile:

  • Company Website
  • Business Database

Company Outlook:

  • Annual Report/SEC Filings
  • Investment Analysis' Report

Legal Situation/Merges & Acquisitions:

  • National, Regional, Local Business News
  • Business Databases
  • Government Websites

Marketing (Mission/Vision Statement):

  • Company Website

*Hint: Be sure to search by the full/correct name of the company; i.e. "Walt Disney" will get you better results than "Disney" and "Wal-Mart" will work better than "Walmart."

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Find Articles (Databases)...

Start at the library's home page (

Off Campus Access: username is your Web ID (ex: absmith), and the password is your portal password.

(Note: Off-campus access for this database may require an additional username and password. Please contact the SCC Library. Off-campus access is only available to SCC faculty, staff, and students, so please have your SCC ID number available).
Comprehensive company database featuring over 43,000 companies. Executive profiles, detailed company fact sheets with financials and more.
Hint: Be sure to search by the full/correct name of the company; i.e. "Walt Disney" will get you better results than "Disney" and "Wal-Mart" will work better than "Walmart."
For Step-By-Step Instructions on Hoover's Database...

MLA Citation - Hoover's (Example)

"Wal-Mart Stores, Inc." Hoovers, 2016.

Business Insights: Essentials
Company profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports, company histories, chronologies and periodicals.
Hint: Be sure to search by the full/correct name of the company; i.e. "Walt Disney" will get you better results than "Disney" and "Wal-Mart" will work better than "Walmart."
For Step-By-Step Instructions on Business Insights: Essentials Database...
EBSCO Business Databases
Search 3 databases at once! Business Source Premier, Academic Search Premier, Regional Business News. Scholarly business journals and other sources, including 1,125 peer-reviewed business publications.
Hint: Find lots of good info in "Company Profiles" (Click on "More" along the top, then choose "Company Profiles," choose "match any word" and then search for your company).
MLA Citation for Company Profiles Example: "Company Profile: The Walt Disney Company." MarketLine 28 May 2012. Marketline Company Profiles Authority. Web. 18 Feb. 2013.
EBSCO General Databases
Search 10 databases at once: Academic Search Premier, TOPICsearch, MasterFILE Premier, Military & Government Collection, MAS Ultra - School Edition, Vocational and Career Collection, Associates Programs Source, Newspaper Source Plus, GreenFILE, and News (AP, UPI, etc.) Collection. Find journal, magazine and newspaper articles. Millions of full-text articles, many with images. Updated daily.

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Library Catalog
Find materials that are in the physical library.
Primarily good for finding books.
Books are usually about broader topics than articles, so you may need to broaden your search terms (ex- instead of "texting" perhaps search for "cell phone use").
Books are not going to be as up-to-date as articles because they take longer to publish.
See which library the book is located in, and what section.
Be sure to write down the book's call number!
eBook Collection (EBSCO)
Search the full-text (every word on every page) of over 120,000 books - completely electronic
E-Book Hint:: On the search page, check the box "Also search within the full text of the articles" to search within the text of the book to get more results.
Note you can only print 10 pages at a time - only print out the important pages
For citation information: click on "Detailed Record" in the left sidebar when viewing an e-book. You will need this information later on!
Ebook Central (Proquest)
Search entire books available online.
Find More Books...

Find Websites...

Fortune 500 List: Fortune 500 List put out by Fortune Magazine, click on "Full List",

Business A to Z: Business glossary with over 1250 business terms, organized and cross-referenced for easy usage,

Business & Industry: Business and Industry information compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau,

CNN Business 2.0: This website is the interactive on-line service operated by Cable News Network, Inc.,

Edgar Database (SEC): You can search for publicly held companies,

New York Stock Exchange: This website includes symbol lookup, links to listed companies, and company news,

Office of Industry Analysis: This website provides trade and industry data to underpin the development of national economic policies,

Public Register Annual Report Service: The Public Register provides free annual reports of public companies trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTC exchanges,

Wall Street Journal Online: This website provides you with quick access to annual reports, quarterly earnings, and other information on select companies, 

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Using Hoover's Database

Hoover’s is an excellent resource for company information and gives information about the history, people (including CEOs), financial data, and reports about your company. It is an easy to use, one stop shopping place for this assignment.

  • To search, enter company name in box. Then click "Search." Be sure "companies" is selected. Note that you can also search by people (good for finding the CEO profile) and search for news articles about the company and/or its leaders. In the example, we are doing a search for the company "Walt Disney."
  • Hoovers search screen
  • This will take you to a list of companies with "Walt Disney" in their name. If you are not sure which one is right, take a look at the location and sales information as clues (if the location is outside of the United States, it isn't the correct company). Look to see if the New York Stock Exchange Symbol (NYSE) is listed. Also, notice that the location type should be listed as "headquarters."
  • Hoovers company result screen
  • Clicking on the company name will take you to the profile of that company. The physical address and the address of the company's website is under the "Company Description" box. Notice on the top there is a table titled "Company Index." This includes links to the company's history, people (with information about people like the CEO), Financial Data (usually going back 2-3 years), etc. Spend some time looking for what you need-a lot of it is here.
  • Walt Disney Company result page
  • Citing information in Hoovers: For examples on how to cite an article from Hoovers in MLA format, go to the Library's MLA handout,, and look at example #1 in the Reference Databases section.

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Using Business Insights: Essentials Database

Business Insights: Essentials is set up to search by company, industry, and can also be used to do an article search on different topics such as people, events, etc.

  • Enter the name of the company in the search box. Then click on "Search." In the sample, we are searching for "Exxon Mobil."
  • Business Company Resource Center search page
  • This will take you to a results list.  "Company Profiles" should be at the top, but if it isn't, just click on "Company Profiles" on the left (as shown below). If the company has a New York Stock Exchange Symbol, it will be by the company's name in parenthesis.
  • Exxon Mobil search result
  • By clicking on the company's name, you will get to a company profile. Be sure to scroll down and look at the block on the right called "Related Content."  this has more information about the company, including Histories, Financials, News and Magazine Articles, etc.
  • Exxon Mobil Data page
  • Citing information in Business Insights: Essentials: To cite the entire report, go to and click "Database (from library's website)" and then "specific library databases (by name)." If you use one of the journal articles (under 'related content,' see the section on the MLA page for citing journal articles from a library database.  The information needed to cite the articles is located at the beginning of the article.

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Using the Company's Website

  • The URL or web address for your company's website can be found in Hoover's or by doing an internet search.
  • You can often find good information on the company's website, such as the company history, annual reports or its mission statement.  There is often a section of the website that is set up for stockholders where you may be able to find financial information such as the annual reports.  Look for sections with names such as “investor relations,”  “shareholder relations,” “publications” or “financials.” Also look for links entitled "community relations" or "about us." Sometimes there is a search box you can use to find information.  Remember: each company will set up its website differently so spend some time looking for what you need.
  • Some companies provide a search box on their website you can use to find information.
  • Be aware that a company's mission statement isn't always called "Mission Statement." It may have other names such as "Vision Statement," or it may not have a title at all. A company may have the mission statement on their website or not list it at all.
  • Other ways you can find the mission statement are by sending an email to the company or by calling the corporate office. If you do this, be sure to be very business-like in your correspondence.
  • For examples on how to cite a website, go to the Library's MLA handout,, and look at "Entire Website" under the section on Websites.

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Find Citation Help...

Our MLA Guide and APA Guide have more help on citations.

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